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We provide cutting-edge technology solutions to increase your chances of business success!
Enterprise Solutions Deployment

Enterprise-Class Solutions with communication and collaborative tools

Communications (COTM & COTP)

Highly Secured Unified Communications Deployment for Communication on the Move (COTM) & Communication on the Pause (COTP)

Public Safety and National Security

We provide Public Safety, Defense, Security and Surveillance technologies selecting from over 2 billion sensors including radars and Slew-to-cue cameras to detect and communicate events of interest to operatives

Traditional & e-Learning Solutions

We provide 21st Century solutions for formal learning and technical skills acquisition

Software & Mobile App Development

From process and workflow automation, to intranet and extranet portals and even custom application development with mobility, we have world-class skills to exceed your expectations

Green & Renewable Energy Solutions

With global warming being a reality and not just scientific fiction of modern times, we have an array of green energy solutions that will suit your domestic and commercial needs

Consulting & Project Management

The 21st century corporate world is one that has to deal with a lot of processes. We can define and refine your processes while also automating those processes, moving you from the paper-based business of the agrarian age to the web- and app-based business of the internet age

Support & Maintenance

We have professionals with years of proven skills and experience to support and maintain your IT Infrastructure

Capacity Building

We have a portfolio of local and foreign training that will boost your existing skills as well as build new ones. Talk to us today, so that we can tailor a training for you

Helios Nigeria Limited, as a Global Solutions Provider with a wealth of experience gained as a member of the Raytheon Consortium providing counter-terrorism security solutions for the National Security Agencies of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Philippines and many more, has developed strategic partnerships with industry leading technology solutions providers in the different areas of technology within which we operate.

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Our expertise involves vision definition for our clients

HELIOS NIGERIA LIMITED is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider with particular specialty in enterprise systems architecture and deployment. We provide enterprise-class governance, compliance, and management tools and solutions for social-education-enterprise collaboration platforms, as well as business solutions for guaranteed competitive edge.

Our expertise involves vision definition for our clients – we define the problem and proceed with the implementation of the solution(s).

  • Quality Knowledge

    We have the resources to take your business to the next level

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We operate a customer-centric business. We are dedicated to satisfying every need of our clients

  • Reliability & Dependability

    We have been proven to be reliable and dependable, making our clients our priority

  • Commitment & Sacrifice

    It's our culture to give our utmost effort to every client in the process of achieving success

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