Company Overview

Helios Nigeria Limited is a cutting-edge technology solutions provider with particular specialty in quad-play technologies. We are experts in communication technologies (VSAT, Fibre, Wireless, Microwave with data, voice and video in mobility – anywhere, anytime communication).

Company Overview

We are a global enterprise networking organization utilizing Microsoft-Cisco and ancillary technologies for campus, metropolitan, national and global networking with Cloud technologies.

We are Education Technology Specialists with systems for Universities and other Tertiary Institutions in collaboration with the worldwide Internet2 Consortium deploying best of breed applications for the 21st Century school system.

We provide Public Safety, Defense, Security and Surveillance technologies selecting from over 2 billion sensors including radars to detect events of interest, communicating same to security agencies via interoperable communications systems to combat asymmetric threats such as terrorism, kidnapping, armed robberies that all come under the category of 4th Generation Warfare (4GW).

To complement effective reduction of these asymmetric threats, we also provide Job Creation Technologies to provide gainful employment to our youths as a deterrence from them entering into crime. This we do via our modular solutions for social-education-enterprise collaboration platforms.

We have invaluable depth of experience in global IP Broadband Satellite Clouds, Transmission Technologies, Sensors and Operational Tools for day-to-day operations all the way to Policy Automation.

Helios is passionate about training and capacity building, utilizing our local and international resources from over 12 countries where we have partnership programs. Our solution portfolio is encapsulated with continuous training and mentoring programs with global experts.

Power especially in Nigeria is an endemic problem. None of these technologies will work without cost effective power. Helios is in partnership with global brands in alternative energies for Stationary, Backup, Telecoms and Domestic applications in the areas of Fuel Cell, Magnetic, Solar, Biomass, Cogeneration and Traditional technologies.

Since the inception, Helios Limited has garnered a steady growth with a very creative outsourcing model comprising of a strong skilled team, outsourced and in-house, resulting in a very profitable turnover.

Our expertise involves vision definition for our clients – we define the problem and proceed with the implementation of a solution.

Our Solution Development Service enables our clients in both public and private sectors to achieve set goals in record time with a predictable budget. From working with government agencies to develop platforms for policy and legislative processes to helping communities to imbibe technology for poverty alleviation and job creation, Helios Limited has always delivered, exceeding standards.

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