Enterprise Solutions Deployment

Networking Solutions

From enterprise networking to server architecture design and implementation as well as value added services such as Unified Communication and Collaboration, we are fully dedicated to helping our clients succeed by fully leveraging on the values of ICT in support of their business activities. To this end, Helios Nigeria Limited has developed it’s strategy in response to market/client drivers. Constant change in business processes is being driven by new, not-technology specific sources such as demographics and business growth. Our strategy is therefore focused on assisting clients in driving growth.

Our enterprise strategy is built from a market-facing point of view. Based on the experiences of clients, and our own observations, we believe that there are key trends that are driving the market today and will continue to drive the market for the next few years. While not all inclusive, we believe that these elements are reshaping the attitudes of how IT and network services enable business growth.

These trends are both demographic and business-oriented.

Networking Solutions

Demographically, as the current work force changes, driven by the ascendance of GenX into the leadership roles and entry of Millennials into management, the expectations of technology and its integration with business process will change dramatically. These two groups are comfortable with technology in both their personal and professional environments and have a greater expectation for the ability of technology to support their objectives. Additionally, these groups tend to be more environmentally aware and understand better the financial impacts and benefits of going green (reduced travel costs, improved productivity, and enhanced flexibility).

From a business perspective, our clients have an increasing need to alter the financial model of supporting business objectives. Rather than carrying  the capital costs and depreciation expense of applications and network assets that becoming obsolete at an accelerating pace, they are looking to their providers to assume that risk. Relying upon a partner such as Helios to integrate business processes with systems and networks allows clients to address their changing business requirements with increasing velocity. Finally, companies are facing an increasing requirement for transparency in their reporting and communication with partners, shareholders, and regulators. Having reliable information in a timely manner from across the enterprise is essential.

Unified Communications

Taking together these elements drive what Helios calls the “Consumerization of IT”. This  concept refers to the fact that new technologies are originating in the consumer space and migrating to the enterprise and that the use characteristics are becoming more consumer oriented. Enterprises require more flexible platforms and services, available when they want them, in the quantity they need them, for the period of time they require them. Our focus on supporting cloud services therefore is designed to allow for the consumption of services in a utility model.

With a focus on securely enabling applications and cloud services, Helios’ Enterprise Services will reduce human latency in decision making and increase worker connectedness. And we will do so by evolving towards these new models.

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